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AC Service & Repair

Best AC Installation, Service and Repair in Bangalore. Highly skilled and professional technicians from Unic Services.

Visiting Charges: 300/-



Best AC Installation, Service and Repair. Highly skilled and professional technicians from Unic Services to the people of Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

Below is the list of Spare Parts and Their Price in MRP. (Applies only if used during Service)

PartPriceLabour Charge
Split AC Gas Charger {0.8 Tons} 1300300
Split AC Gas Charger {1 Tons)1500300
Split AC Gas Charger {1.1 to 1.5Tons)1700300
Split AC Gas Charger {2 Tons)1900300
Split AC Floor Stand650----
Split AC Wall Stand600----
Fan Motor Indoor {Split AC}2500300
Fan Motor Outdoor {Split AC}1700300
Contactor {Split AC}890300
Copper Pipe {Per Meter}600----
Capacitor 2.5 MFD320300
Capacitor 10.25 MFD450300
Capacitor 35.45 MFD550300
Capacitor 50.60 MFD600300
Outdoor Far Blade950300
Indoor Blow Air1100300
AC Valve750300
Compressor {0.8 Tons}7200300
Compressor {1 Tons}7800300
Compressor {1.5 Tons}8800300
Compressor {2 Tons}9850300
Repair of PC Board1450300
Water Leakage -----500
Drain Try1200300


  • This includes work of Minor leakage detection using nitrogen is Chargeable.
  • This included the cost of Copper tube electrical cable and form.
  • Gas Charging is also included in the cost.
  • Branded spares parts are used by the Professional Technician and the charges will cost on MRP.



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